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okay guys, just a bit of info before we begin...
I have a 2006 focus zx4 st (which came with a 2.3 duratec)
Ive installed a 2014 fusion 2.5 engine into it.

with my swap ive done the following:

2.3 intake cam shaft install w/ vct delete from the 2.5
2.3 valve cover and oil pan install
balance shaft delete kit
egr delete kit
Using the 2.5 intake manifold with adapter plate to relocate IAC and adapt from drive by wire back to drive by cable. (using the 2.3 throttle body)
new cam shaft position sensor as well as crank shaft position sensor.

engine is in the car. its giving me a slow start issue (never starts unless its two or three attempts) as well as it acting like it never gets full throttle?
I can drive the car and it seems to run mechanically fine, however there is OBVIOUS hesitation when accelerating, and it never seems to have full throttle, also many times after a hard acceleration the idle drops down under 600 rpms and the car will either stumble badly or just flat out die....
I checked the obd2 and its throwing several codes, one for the egr, one for intake runners (I dont believe the 2.5 has the internal runners as i dont see anywhere they could plug into and i see no open ports anywhere on the intake.) Its also giving me a po660 "intake manifold tuning valve" which again, i believe is just because the 2.5 doesnt have the valve.

that all being said i am at a loss to what could be causing the hesitation and stumbling issues...

any ideas? guesses or info?
Thanks guys
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