$100 for both! XM1652Z 1000 watt amp, xm504z 500watt amp and syflex aux cheap

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Sony xplod XM 1652Z 1000watt amp, brand new in box black $75.00 shipped, reduced price on XM504Z to $45 shipped and syflex AUX mod (for Ipod satelitte radio) $50 shipped.

I am selling both for $100, this is a great price!

MOSFET Power Supply & Output Stage
Maximum Output Power:
2 Ch x 380W at 4 ohm
1 Ch x 1000W at 4 ohm
2 Ch x 500W at 2 ohm
Rated Output Power:
2 Ch x 165W at 4 ohm (0.04% THD)
1 Ch x 400W at 4 ohm (0.1% THD)
2 Ch x 200W at 2 ohm (0.1% THD)
Low Pass Filter (Selectable): 80Hz, -18dB/oct
Frequency Response: 5Hz, -50kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 100dB
Channel configuration: 4/3

Low Pass Filter (selectable): off / 80Hz
Output Power DIN 45500: at 4 ohm 4 x 50W / 2 x 50W + 1 x 120W, at 2 ohm 4 x 60W
Output Power Rated/THD: at 4 ohm 4 x 50W/0.04% / 2 x 50W + 1 x 120W/0.1%, at 2 ohm 4 x 60W/0.1%
Output Power Maximum (14.4V): at 4 ohm, 4 x 100W / 2 x 125W + 1 x 250W, at 2 ohm 4 x 125W
Frequency Response: 5-50,000 Hz
Tolerance: +0/-3 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 100 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (1 kHz): <0.005%
4-rail Power Supply
4 channel
Speaker Level Input and Line Out
MOSFET: Output Stage / Power Supply
Bass Boost
Toroidal Transformer
Line In: Input sensitivity 0.3 - 6V
Gold Plated Connectors
Load Capability: 2 ohm
Current drain (rated output power at 4 ohm): 30 A
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bosstdfoci you've sent me a PM. I dont think it will power my 800 Watts Peak w/ 4 ohms load. Unless it will I want, but if not then i guess ill pass.

What exactly are you powering. And go by rms not peak.
Ok but what is the rms rating. Sorry boots just trying to help you out.
I'm locking this thread for now, but it'll still be viewable. Handle this through PM's. Once all is solved let me know and you can post how things were resolved.
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