$100 for both! XM1652Z 1000 watt amp, xm504z 500watt amp and syflex aux cheap

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Sony xplod XM 1652Z 1000watt amp, brand new in box black $75.00 shipped, reduced price on XM504Z to $45 shipped and syflex AUX mod (for Ipod satelitte radio) $50 shipped.

I am selling both for $100, this is a great price!

MOSFET Power Supply & Output Stage
Maximum Output Power:
2 Ch x 380W at 4 ohm
1 Ch x 1000W at 4 ohm
2 Ch x 500W at 2 ohm
Rated Output Power:
2 Ch x 165W at 4 ohm (0.04% THD)
1 Ch x 400W at 4 ohm (0.1% THD)
2 Ch x 200W at 2 ohm (0.1% THD)
Low Pass Filter (Selectable): 80Hz, -18dB/oct
Frequency Response: 5Hz, -50kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 100dB
Channel configuration: 4/3

Low Pass Filter (selectable): off / 80Hz
Output Power DIN 45500: at 4 ohm 4 x 50W / 2 x 50W + 1 x 120W, at 2 ohm 4 x 60W
Output Power Rated/THD: at 4 ohm 4 x 50W/0.04% / 2 x 50W + 1 x 120W/0.1%, at 2 ohm 4 x 60W/0.1%
Output Power Maximum (14.4V): at 4 ohm, 4 x 100W / 2 x 125W + 1 x 250W, at 2 ohm 4 x 125W
Frequency Response: 5-50,000 Hz
Tolerance: +0/-3 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 100 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (1 kHz): <0.005%
4-rail Power Supply
4 channel
Speaker Level Input and Line Out
MOSFET: Output Stage / Power Supply
Bass Boost
Toroidal Transformer
Line In: Input sensitivity 0.3 - 6V
Gold Plated Connectors
Load Capability: 2 ohm
Current drain (rated output power at 4 ohm): 30 A
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Re: Sony XM1652Z 1000 watt amp, xm504z 500watt amp and syflex aux cheap

NO, I do not know if that was an option or not. I was using my audiobahn Eq/pre-amp line driver and it has a sub level on it. What I do have is an adjustable RCA bas control that I can include for you for $10, I paid $50 for it, that was how I was controlling the level of bass prior to the EQ.
Re: Sony XM1652Z 1000 watt amp, xm504z 500watt amp and syflex aux cheap

Its is a pac unit, I am sure if you go on Pacific Audio Accesories, you will find it
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Re: Sony XM1652Z 1000 watt amp, xm504z 500watt amp and syflex aux cheap

It is the PAC LC-1 line controler
Everything was sent, just checked my PM, sorry!
He is absolutley right, I have been lacking on my part and I aplogize. I am sending you the controler, it has been sitting on my desk for weeks, I also kicked in the 4-ch LOC free! Again i am swamped at work and with some home issues. No, excuse. I forgot to send the RCA gain switch with the amps.

Again all I can do is aplogize, I do not want this bad publicity.
Your right it does not take anytime and I thought it was sent, I asked my wife because I am so busy. I can take a pic and email it to you tonight if you want, I sent you a copy of the reciept incase something like this happens. There is no way I sent you a bogus deck, I do not know what happened and I bought that unit in May from Best Buy, you should have no problems getting what you need fixed for free from ALpine. I made good on the RCA gain and the I even sent an extr 4-chnnel LOc because I felt really bad. I have been under tremendous stree, I lost a family memeber and had to take over the family business, that I was never involved in. I admitted my wrong doings and made good, just as I will make good w/you. I am sorry you feel I sold you something no good, but it worked great for me, just wanted a DVD pop up alpine and had a chance to get it a week after I bought this unit. I will prove it and post the pics!
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Did you call ALpine, and not best buy, sixth Avenue I just checked the reciept again (it was 6th avenue electronics in East Brunswick NJ on rt. 18.

Can you sed me your addy so I can send the pics tonight?
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