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anyone see a commercial with the 07 Fusion and a Nav system? Looks pretty cool. Ive been checking around ebay to see if anyone has it up yet but havent seen anything. Id like to see it in real life.
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I think the factory nav is a very nice unit. If you go aftermarket there are definately products that will allow you to retain the steering wheel controls. Check out
You may not want to hear it but the Jensen VM9021TS(which is actually an Audiovox design) has an SD slot. It's a double din touch screen DVD player with a lot of included features. I was sceptical about it when I saw it on display. I'm an Eclipse fan at heart. I decided to buy one for my Focus and I was extremely impressed. It offers built in IPOD support and a TV tuner as well as the SD slot and GigaMP3 support(up to 999 songs on a single dvd). It also has NO EQ functions which I consider a plus. I prefer using the amps or passive eqs over the ones that come built in to most HUs. I think 99% of people would be very happy with this unit. It does not include NAV but there is a NAV addon available for it.
Well, if you have an IPOD or MP3 collection it's much better than just a DVD player.
Actually, the Jensen Ipod controls mimick the Ipod click wheel almost to the tee. It is really quite useful and makes the Jensen a great radio by itself. The display of the songs and text is outstanding as well.
Well, I sold my Focus so I don't use it everyday(I have the same unit in my Explorer). It does have a scroll bar on the right when you go into a playlist so you can jump directly to say 3/4s of the way down the list. It has been caused me any distraction in use. It seems quite speedy to me. I seem to remember the newer Alpines have some called "full speed" Ipod control now. I think a hands on test would be in order. Too bad you aren't nearby I'd give you a demo.
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