07 Fusion Nav

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anyone see a commercial with the 07 Fusion and a Nav system? Looks pretty cool. Ive been checking around ebay to see if anyone has it up yet but havent seen anything. Id like to see it in real life.
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I'm just going to buy a system I can take out of the car when I don't need it and or can use in other cars as well. Tom TOM systems are pretty good as are others (garmin etc) all cheaper than this. Pioneer makes nice in dash units but they can get expensive (though with more features than fords)
Yeah ford and some other companies are doing these pc setups but I thought they were only for trucks? Well anyway I have a question about these "portable"garmin's can you take them out of the car and use them on the streets as you walk? Or do they have to stay in the car hooked up via adapter?
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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