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anyone see a commercial with the 07 Fusion and a Nav system? Looks pretty cool. Ive been checking around ebay to see if anyone has it up yet but havent seen anything. Id like to see it in real life.
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yeah i saw that as an option and was like this thing better play dvds too lol. Aftermarket in-dash full screen units are probably much better.
its a hard choice for me... I posted another thread about putting a 7" screen in the dashboard compartment and moounting it so you can close and open the compartment. Since i already have the aux in i can put one of those portable dvd players in the glove compartment and be rocking everything factory with sound (the steering wheel controls of course will have no affect on switching chapters on the dvd, but everything else remains intact just as if i never installed anything)

But then there is the coolness factor of having a indash dvd player for around $600 and all the extra features it has.

But then, for the money, i can install a monitor and a dvd player for around $250.

I dont know what to do! :?
true, but i have a hard time believeing that it is easier to navigate through 4000 songs through a touchscreen rather than the ipod click wheel. Ive used the steering controls to navigate an ipod and it was useless. Ive used a couple other radios to navigate my ipod and it was even worse. the clickwheel cant be beat. my setup... i have lineout and charging capabilities though the dock connector and i keep my ipod right next to me by my hand break.

The main feature of having the indash player i think is for navigation, using a carputer, other mp3 players or as you also said mp3 cds. You definetly need the touchscreen for that. organization/navigation purposes for theses items... you cant beat it. a monitor would be useless.
not to get off topic from my original post but... does the jenson have a wheel control then? Ive seen a lot of touchpad stereos that say they mimic ipod controls with organization and navigation but they dont actually have the clickwheel or cant scroll through fast enough.

The orgranization, say by artist or genre etc, may be mimiced by the stereo, but the time it takes to scroll through every artist is what I have seen problems with. I've heard horror stories that if you have a lot of gernres, artists or whatever you organize your music by, that the ipod control from the radio cant keep up.

I remember when alpine came out with their ipod control a while ago and it could take a few minutes to scroll from a - z.

I guess it would have to really be a "hands on" test though. Its totaly not fair for me to say its not as good if i never tested it.

There is no doubt in my mind that a single din or indash double din dvd/navigation/ipod system is the most idealest setup, but i dont think the speed of the ipod control is perfected yet. Im more concerned about how fast i can look something up without taking my eyes off the road. Displaying the name of the song and all the other cool features are just a plus but only worth it if its the fastest way to search for songs.

Again navigation wise, i looks awsome.
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going into the car-puter setup. I am a webdesigner myself and I do travel (benifits of working wherever there is internet) and I think it would be pretty cool to access the internet via wi-fi or whatever from a nice in dash unit. not to do work from it, but instead of accessing email from your phone, you can in your car might be pretty cool.

But then again thats what a laptop is for. The possibilities are endless as long as it doesnt affect anyone's driving. thats the most important.
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