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Has anyone driven one yet? The price is steep though. I'm guessing that when the turbo model comes out then it will be in the mid 30's. My local dealer had an AWD for $29,500 (V6 sel) all options. They also have the same thing w/out AWD for $24,500. Thats a big jump. Then add a turbo and its getting too high. The fusion is a good priced car but now it seems to be going a little steep. I wonder if its because they couldn't hardly keep up with the demand in '06'.
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Not sure where you're getting those prices. Seems to me the AWD is about $1500-$2000 more than the FWD. At $29,000 that must include the Nav system, which is almost $2000 alone. A FWD Fusion with Nav is going to be over $26000.
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