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Has anyone driven one yet? The price is steep though. I'm guessing that when the turbo model comes out then it will be in the mid 30's. My local dealer had an AWD for $29,500 (V6 sel) all options. They also have the same thing w/out AWD for $24,500. Thats a big jump. Then add a turbo and its getting too high. The fusion is a good priced car but now it seems to be going a little steep. I wonder if its because they couldn't hardly keep up with the demand in '06'.
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Just bought an 07 AWD, and I love it. It has all the bells and whistles....minus the navigation system. Sticker price was $25,770. X-Plan price was $20,500.

You made out like a bandit on both numbers. Our V6 SEL AWD (heated leather, moon roof, ABS) had a MSRP of $27,105 and nobody told me about the X-plan so even though I didn't pay sticker I still didn't get as sweet a deal as you did.

I've gone from liking the car a lot to almost hating it because of the horror gas mileage we are getting in city driving, 13 mpg for the first 713 miles (one month). I am not going to like "The Guzzler" until it delivers the EPA-estimated 19 mpg city, 26 mpg highway. I have a terrible gut feeling that ain't never gonna happen.

Sorry in Salisbury
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So there are things you can do to help you, but it'll cost you a little bit of money. Is it just the mileage problem that's holding you up from loving your car? Do you like the car enough to sink some coin into it?

I truly do appreciate your helpful input, but no, I am not interested in putting $1,200 worth of mods into the car at this stage of the game (1 month old, 713 total miles). The difference between our in-city mileage, 13 mpg, and the EPA in-city figure, 19 mpg, is $539.24 extra a year, figuring 10,000 miles driven with gas at $2.22 per gallon.

For the time being, I am trying to eliminate extra costs but might well be forced to make some of the mods you have suggested if this horrific situation doesn't improve.

The Fusion owner's manual says it takes about 3,000 miles for the car to break in and the dealer has agreed to "put it on the computer" at 1,500 miles. We'll see if that combination makes a significant improvement. I have my doubts, but we shall see.

I agree that the Fusion AWD handles extremely well and looks mighty sharp, but all I see at the moment is that 13 mpg and dollars flowing into the gas tank needlessly. That is a significant distraction.

I am very curious how other "stock" AWD owners are making out in the mileage department.

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