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Has anyone driven one yet? The price is steep though. I'm guessing that when the turbo model comes out then it will be in the mid 30's. My local dealer had an AWD for $29,500 (V6 sel) all options. They also have the same thing w/out AWD for $24,500. Thats a big jump. Then add a turbo and its getting too high. The fusion is a good priced car but now it seems to be going a little steep. I wonder if its because they couldn't hardly keep up with the demand in '06'.
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well the base proce is actually about the same as it was for 06. But now you get alot more for the base price. As for the AWD Fusion for $29k... thats pretty damn good. the only thing that come close to that is the Subaru Legacy. But for 30k you still get a 150 HP 4 cyl and i believe you have to row you own gears.

For $29k you can get a decent Camary or Accord but it still doest have AWD and alot of the standard features of the AWD Fusion.
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I can't believe that the new cobra's are in the upper 40's. My parents bought one in 98' and it was $27,000. Prices have really changed.

Yeah, in in 1985 my mom bought a loaded volvo wagon for $12,000... prices increase, its how inflation works.

Unfortunetly somethings, like cars and houses, out pace salary.

But as for an AWD V6 sedan for under $30k... thast still pretty good of you ask me.
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