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Has anyone driven one yet? The price is steep though. I'm guessing that when the turbo model comes out then it will be in the mid 30's. My local dealer had an AWD for $29,500 (V6 sel) all options. They also have the same thing w/out AWD for $24,500. Thats a big jump. Then add a turbo and its getting too high. The fusion is a good priced car but now it seems to be going a little steep. I wonder if its because they couldn't hardly keep up with the demand in '06'.
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Just picked mine up today (and with snowy/terrible weather to!) so far I love it. Paid 24k with all options but navi system.


that price is more along the lines of what you will pay. there is no way you should buy any fusion for 29k. We have a dealer in the upstate ny area that usually has the best prices around and they are selling cars at teh following prices:

fusion se awd cloth seats - 21,499
fusion sel awd cloth seats - 22,599
fusion sel awd leather/moonroof - 23,699

those are very good prices for all the equipment (as well as the 220 horse duratec30 and 6spd aisin tranny), far better than a comparable subaru or toyota/honda. And considering the current malibu is no competition whatsoever, this is the best buy in the industry.
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