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  1. Ford Fusion / Mercury Milan / Lincoln Zephyr & MKZ
    I'm new here and I need honest opinions and feedback I've got a 2013 Fusion 2.5 SE. Nothing fancy but in great shape. Key start and manual climate controls, 4 inch Sync screen. Here's the deal: I want to add a remote start that uses the existing factory key fob. 12volt solutions sells a...
  2. I4 Engine Discussion
    Hello everyone. I have a 2020 SEL and I have noticed my car tends to sputter on the first start of the day usually when the engine is cold. I first noticed the sputtering when I started the car remotely. Doesn’t sputter much but it’s noticeable. No CEL no other symptoms but I am wondering if...
  3. Ford Fusion / Mercury Milan / Lincoln Zephyr & MKZ
    Hi everyone, I’m installing remote start for Ford Fusion 2010 and having tough time to find lock unlock wires at SJB. Can you please help me what colored wire to find and what polarity are they. Are they positive or negative triggered? If they are positive triggered I need to buy a relay as my...
1-3 of 3 Results