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  1. Ford Fusion / Mercury Milan / Lincoln Zephyr & MKZ
    2014 Ford fusion Hi I got new led headlights (auxobeam f3 canbus). My led headlights(low beam,high beam) flickers when i use turn signals I checked switches,alternator, battery change... Nothing wrong with those I had hid kit before recently i changed to led headlights.. Now i have the problem...
  2. Exterior Lighting
    I’ve seen different models of headlight bulbs for the Fusion but haven’t received an explanation for either. I’ve heard that my 2010 Fusion takes H7 and H11 bulbs. But which one is fog, low beam, and high beam? I just need this cleared up before I jump on buying anything. Thanks!
  3. Exterior Lighting
    I’ve been looking at a completely new headlight recently that includes a DRL. I’m a fan of the look, though many aren’t. Has anyone had any experience with this model of headlight? Or any suggestions? Can’t find many references or pictures of it on a 10-12 Fusion. I attached a picture.
  4. Ford Fusion / Mercury Milan / Lincoln Zephyr & MKZ
    Hi everyone, new member of the form here. I own a 2016 Ford fusion 2.0, I am looking to upgrade the lackluster halogen headlight to LED. Does anybody have any recommended brands? Things to look for? There’s so many options out there I don’t know where to begin. Looking to replace high and low...
1-4 of 4 Results