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  1. Electronics Discussion
    New here! Is it worth it to upgrade to sync 2 or 3? Or go aftermarket headunit route? Is it possible to upgrade the speakers without messing anything up? If i were to add subs with a built in amp, what would be the easiest route? Im a super noob with this stuff so any info or videos would be...
  2. Ford Fusion / Mercury Milan / Lincoln Zephyr & MKZ
    So I have an 08 Fusion love the car but wanted and upgraded sound system however mine has audiophile and now the deck speakers don’t work my question is it possible to connect my audiophile rear speakers to my aftermarket unit ?
  3. Ford Fusion / Mercury Milan / Lincoln Zephyr & MKZ
    Hello everyone! I am very new to cars, recently bought my first used car Ford Fusion 2015 2.5 S. I noticed that sometimes when i switch to parking, camera is glitching significantly, i see the image very bad and dimly. Also another thing is that my right front side of audio system is sounding...
  4. Electronics Discussion
    I was told by an audio mechanic that the Fusion 2012 SE does not have a separate port for subwoofer in its head unit. Hence, although I have a 1000 watts JBL sub-woofer, the real effect will not be delivered. Is this true that the headunit does not have a port for sub-woofer?
  5. Electronics Discussion
    I have a 2015 Ford Fusion S.E. model. It has a 4 in screen Right now all factory stereo system. I am putting a sound system in it with sub woofers. I will be running 2 amps. I am keeping the factory stereo in it for now because the cost of the dash kit, and the radios I want are not in stock...
  6. Electronics Discussion
    Alright so I have a 08 Se wit speakers in all 4 doors I was wondering how hard it would be to add 2 in the rear deck?? Would there be a harness hidden in the trunk to do this or would I somehow have to tap into my speakers in the rear doors?? Thx
  7. Electronics Discussion
    Would a Ford OEM Sony head unit work in my 2018 Ford fusion se with sync 3 (11 speaker)? I want to add HD radio to my car but keep it OEM. I found a used ford OEM sony unit for cheap. Will I also need to purchase the amp? I'm not trying to have a booming system, I just want HD radio.
1-7 of 7 Results