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Winning Blue Metallic
Bought the car off a guy who spun a rod bearing, Typical 2.3 problems, cyl 1 and the timing let go and destroyed the valves and head. He bough a 2.0 head and put it on and gave up and listed the car for sale. I bought it and began putting parts into this franken motor until I realized the extent of the damage to the engine it would'nt last long if I had gotten it up and running. Suddently it was like a sign and the light came on bright as day. For a while before joining here and during the process of trying to fix the original motor I read the most popular thread here; 04 2.3l to 2.5 swap successful. So back to that glory moment I aforementioned, It was Friday night on Memorial day Weekend and I'm on LKQ's vehicle inventory list searching for newer Ford Fusions to tear the motor out of and ........... JACKPOT! X3
I found a 2011 Ford Fusion that was just parked that day!- check!
It was in the yard closest to my home maybe 2 miles - check!
Finally since it was Memorial Day Weekend LKQ held a 40% off Sale!!! - Homerun bitches!!!
My Cousin and I had the engine pulled in one hour, took a little longer because we, well, I thought it was rather amusing while he was under the car getting the bellhousing bolts and bearing carrier off, to repeatedly drop bolts down on and next to him while simultaneously dumping glycol on him from disconnected coolant hoses xD Go ahead and laugh with me I know y'all laughed while reading that! Anyways after returning the core engine to them the total cost for the new 2011 Fusion 2.5L motor was $200!
So there ya have it, my 2005/2011 Mazda 3s with a FoMoCo 2.5L swap
2005 Mazda 3s (Winning Blue Metallic)


2011 Ford Fusion 2.5L engine swap
2011 Ford Fusion 2.5L intake manifold with 2011 Mazda 3 2.5L Throttle Body
Gearmasters Stage 1 Clutch Kit



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