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Question 06 Fusion A/T Shift assembly light out?


I have a 2006 Ford Fusion SE V6 and the automatic transmission gear indicator is out. It used to be intermittent and it would come on sometimes and other not or I can tap the side of the center console and it would come on. I cannot get the light to come on or find a guide that explains in any details how to get to the source of that light to fix it.

I'm afraid to go to the dealer due to local labor rates, and the technician that was going to help me isn't getting back to me!

Please help and point me in the right direction!

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First things first, when you say the gear indicator is out, are you talking about the light? Everything that follows is assuming your problem is that the backlighting won't come on.

I know it's a single incandescent bulb, probably pretty damn proprietary. According to this. it's two incandescent bulbs wired in parallel with the dash clock. Positive is blue with a brown tracer, negative is black with a purple tracer.

Edit: Some other guy and I had both disassembled the shift assembly to shave off the green tint on the PRNDL, see if you can find the bulb doing this

pull the chrome trim ring up. there are 4 tabs, one on each corner that attach the ring to the console. pry up and bull it straight up, from front and back, or left and right at the same time. look on page 1 of this thread for pics of the ring and how the shifter looks. Now, on the black rectangle that the shift indicators are on, I honestly can't remember, but I THINK I had to pull the black console piece off too, look on page 1 again, around the area for how to do the ambient light LED for pics of that.

Now, there are 4 tabs or clips that you have to insert a screwdriver into to get the indicator part off. YOU WILL HAVE TO LOOK AT IT TO SEE HOW IT COMES OFF, IF YOU HAVE MECHANICAL SKILLS, ITS NOT HARD TO FIGURE OUT. You will also have to take the shift knob off, I forgot how exactly, I did this like 6 months ago. It can be found on here.
To get the PRNDL assembly off, you will have to put your EBRAKE on and put the car in neutral, to do this, pull the brake, and pop the cap off the the shift lock. then push the shift lock so you can shift the car without the key in the ignition.
take the assembly out and then pry it open to get to the actual prndl part. I have a horse shit memory, so I should have made this part of the guide right away, I'm doing all this from memory, which once again, is horse shit.
Then sand the paint off, like the gauges, and then change the bulb out. I just used blue permanent marker on it, but they do sell replacement bulbs for it.
When reassembling make sure the metal tab goes back in the shift lock slot.

My response:
Just did it, worked well. My own writing of the instructions:[list type=decimal]
  • Set the parking brake

  • Shift into Neutral

  • Using flat screwdriver, push metal plastic on gear lever down

  • Remove two T15 screws holding gear shift handle

  • Remove gear shift handle and trim

  • Remove chrome trim around shift gate

  • Open storage compartment, pull up on trim

  • Remove coin tray

  • Disengage four shift gate clips. Front left is easy. Front right is tight clearance. Two rears are next to each other, use two screwdrivers.

  • Remove little tabs on either end

  • Sand. I used folded-over 320-grit.

  • Put everything back how you found it.
  • [/list]

    I know I was holding the bulb itself at some point.

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