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Default Blown computer/Fried coils

I suddenly got a bad miss at 63k miles, for no apparent reason. The car is an '06 3.0 Fusion SEL. I initially got DTC P0302 -- #2 misfire. I pulled the manifold myself, replaced #2 coil and did all 6 plugs. Ten minutes after firing it back up the miss came back, with DTCs P0351, P0352, P0354 -- various misfires. I figured it was out of warranty and turned it over to a reasonably competent local who misdiagnosed it as a combo of 2 more bad coils and a bad injector. One of the coils was literally melted -- blistered, split plastic body, burnt smell, etc. While my guy was planning more trial and error on my dime, I found Ford TSB 11-8-2 -- entitled something to the effect of "MIL lamp with DTC P035X on 3.0/3.5 engines built before 1/1/08." The TSB diagnoses DTCs P0351, P0352, P0353, P0354, P0355, and/or P0356, when combined with visibly fried coils, as a blown PCM. The repair is to replace the PCM and coils, with a hint of SOME warranty coverage. I yanked the car and hit the local dealer. On seeing one of the fried coils, the dealer's tech, to his great credit, instantly recognized the problem, and the service guy, to his credit, determined that there was coverage for the computer itself, under the Federal 8 year/80,000 mile emission warranty. Up to 8/80, that covers "specified major emission control components," which is further defined to include catalytic converters; the electronic emissions control unit or computer (ECU); and the onboard emissions diagnostic device or computer (OBD) (if that is somehow different). I ended up paying top dollar for 3 coils and labor for the coils, but the computer, installation and reprogramming were all covered, which the service guy said would have run another $1400. It was nice to have coverage for it, since the factory warranty on 06's was only 3/36. I was also happy to find the dealer's guys right on top of the problem, even if the uncovered portion cost me top dollar. I can only imagine where I was headed with my local guy on a problem like this. TSB 11-08-02 applies to basically all 06-08 3.0 and 3.5 cars -- Fusion, Taurus, Edge, Zephyr, MKZ, MKX, Milan and Sable. I found a pdf of the TSB over at the Edge forum on a Google search. Had to register on the Edge forum to download it.
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Default Re: Blown computer/Fried coils

Thank you for posting. I think this has been posted before, but it helps to read about other experiences.

I don't know the chain of events for your failure, but I can imagine that it started with a coil defect, and when it had catastrophic failure, it damaged the driver's in the PCM.

Anyway, thanks for posting. You may save someone from similar pain.
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Default Re: Blown computer/Fried coils

Had that same issue with my 06 3.0L. It fried the PCM and it was also repaired for free.
42k miles.

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Default Any insight?

What came first? the chicken or the egg? I'm only asking because i have a bad coil in # 4 cylinder of my 08 fusion SEL V6, took it to the dealer and they said they replaced the coil and the PCM kept over heating the coil? so what came first, the bad coil or the bad PCM? i just got it fixed and still am wondering what happened? i replaced the one coil out of pocket, but the PCM was covered under warranty. any insight on this issue, should i replace the other coils? is it a ticking time bomb till the next coil goes? what should i expect? can i get the work done at a local mechanic for less then the deal? would you recommend that? any info would help? Also i had to buy another key because when i bought the car, the dealer only had one key, so when they replaced the PCM they charged me for an extra key saying to program the PCM it requires two keys....... is this correct?
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