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Default Service engine soon check light

Today I had a lot of weird problems,

Yesterday evening I flashed the ECU back to stock from the 93 octane tune that I was running to save money on gas. The check engine light came on & after a couple of starts & stops it went away. I put in a full tank of ordinary 87 fuel. Traveled around 100km yesterday night everything was fine.

Today morning my brother took my car to walgreens later he came out unlocked the car & tried to start it but the car wouldnt start & was making a lot of wierd noises it seems. I read some where that when we unlock the car & pull the handle at the same time the car would think that someone is trying to steal it & cut off the engine.

So I suggested my brother to try locking the car back again & unlocking it. But the car wouldnt lock & the lock signal on the dashboard was flashing. After a few minutes it got locked all by itself. So he called the towing company. In the mean time he somehow got the trunk opened & went into the car & unlocked it. The towing guy jump started the car & it started :shock:. My brother took the car home & left it in the driveway running to get the battery charged, after 30mins when he tried to restart it, it wouldnt start again.

He called his friend to jump start the car & it started fine. I am in a different town actually. So he is driving the car right now to get the battery charged. It seems that there is a check light ON on the dash board & when he referred to the manual it came out to be SERVICE ENGINE SOON LIGHT. No idea what it is. He is going to run the car for another 30mins & if it wouldnt start we are going to talk the dealership tomorrow.

I am planning to go there tomorrow & take out the CAI & replace it with stock. I am also running HIDS & 2 amps with a woofer from the battery. Do you guys think I should take them out before taking it to the dealer. I know how to take out the HIDS but not the amps. We are thinking about replacing the battery through warranty. Do the HIDs & Amps void the warranty on the battery.

I have 13k miles on the car & was recently serviced(ford dealer) & tires rotated.

Anybody have anyidea on what is going on.

Thanks for your help.

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