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Acura TL vs. Ford Fusion SEL

As I have posted elsewhere, I have just come out of a used 2005 Acura TL with the A-Spec package into a brand new 2008 Ford Fusion SEL V6 with the Sport Appearance Package. After passing the two week mark yesterday, I took some time to reflect on the pluses and minuses of each vehicle.


Fast - Very fast for a large sedan. The Fusion isn't going to beat the TL in a race.

Mileage - Very good fuel economy (though premium) for a large sedan.

Sound system - DVD-Audio support and 5.1 surround. I have yet to hear another car audio system that I thought sounded better.

Dual temperature zones - This was a killer app for the wife.

Hood struts - Not that I use them that often, but manually supporting the hood seems so old school.

Trunk handle - Having an interior handle in the trunk prevents those nasty tailgate fingerprints.

Interior materials - Real metal trim, high quality plood. There are some sharp edges in the Fusion (watch your feet under the glove box) that should be eliminated.

Cabin filter - It was a BITCH to change in the TL, but at least it had one. C'mon, Ford. My old Escape had one for crying out loud!

Seat memory - Makes switching drivers easy. Also, power seat for front passenger and power recline is nice.

Valet windows - both front windows auto powered down AND up.

Remote open windows and sunroof - It gets hot in the summer in NC and this was a nice feature to have with a black leather interior.

Tinted side mirrors - Helped with headlight reflections at night. I wish someone would offer electrochromic sides to go with the rear view. Pickup trucks and SUVs just love to tailgate me at night.

Resale value - Nothing else comes close to a Honda or Acura in this area.

Service - Acura dealer treated me like a king . . . they should for what the car costs! We'll see how Ford does.


Less expensive - Original purchase price, monthly payment and fuel expenses are all down significantly from the TL.

Fun to drive - Believe it or not the Fusion feels sportier in many ways. Steering is lighter, MUCH less torque steer than theTL, ride is better (even with the SAP 18s and suspension). Also, the TL had a TERRIBLE vibration whenever the transmission lugged at low RPMs. Made EVERYTHING rattle. Ugh!!! Turning circle is way better in the Fusion too.

Ergonomics - Small things are much nicer than the TL. For example, the TL had a dedicated side mirror defroster that didn't shut off automatically. The Fusion ties this into the rear window defroster instead. The steering wheel buttons are easier to find in the Fusion; TL had the voice keys off to the left behind each other in a weird spot. It took me a bit to adjust to the blinker/wiper stalk, but I've got the hang of it now and I like it out of the way at 10 o'clock high.

Door/trunk tension - Not sure how else to describe this. The force required to shut the doors and trunk on the TL was WAAAAY too low. The doors were forever closing on my leg or hand on the slightest of inclines. Also, the trunk strut tension was not calibrated for the extra weight of even the lip spoiler on the TL. If I had a dime for every crack on the noggin I got from the trunk falling on my head, the TL would be paid off by now.

Cargo space - I am not sure if the Fusion's trunk is larger, but it is taller which is more useful. Add the fold flat seats and the TL just lost hands down. Cup holder quantity and placement is better in the Fusion also. Middle dash storage is handy for a box of tissues and a pen. The map pockets in the TL were a bit nicer, though.

AC/Heat - The Fusion heats up and cools down much faster than the TL. Also, the front and rear defoggers work much better. I wish Ford had ducted the A/C through the center console like Acura. Backseat passengers (mostly my dog) wait a bit too long on cool air.

Seats - For some reason, the front passenger seat in the TL only heated the bottom, not the back (yes, it was designed that way . . . something to do with the airbags). The Fusion has no such problem. Also, the leather in the TL did not wear well. Remains to be seen in the Fusion, but so far I like the leather better. The seats are a bit more supportive in the Fusion, though they don't quite have the "catcher's mit" feel of the TL's seats. Everyone loves the read stitching and seat inserts!

Headlights - I hated the HIDs in the TL. The cutoff was way too short and sharp and I prefer the standard halogen lights in the Fusion and having the auto-headlights option instead.

Electronics - Ok, this was the big onefor me. The main reason I bought the TL was for the bluetooth, navigation, audio system and excellent voice command functions. While the TL was great, the Fusion is BETTER! Sync is fantastic. So far it has worked with both my 32GB iPod Touch and a 250GB external hard drive with almost 19,000 songs on it (albeit voice commands were not available for individual tracks). Phone support is great with my Verizon/Motorola e815. Phonebook support is awesome (added to TL in 2007, but missing from my 2005). Text messaging and custom ringers are not supported with this older phone, but everything else is great. Phone pairs and drops much more quickly. The NAV system starts MUCH faster (TL NAVI wait is intolerable). I do miss the joystick from the TL for searching maps, but double clicking works almost as well in the Fusion. I do miss being able to voice command the A/C ("Temperature max cold&quot, but I can live without "What time is it?" in favor of "What is playing?" from the audio system. In terms of sound quality . . . Ok, it's not the TL. But I think the Audiophile system with the Pioneer made navigation radio sounds darn good for the money ($1,900 in Fusion vs. $3,000 in TL). And the excellent iPod/HDD/Flash and MP3-CD support makes the loss of DVD-A/5.1 hurt much less.

So in the end, the main driver for me to move to the Fusion was cost. I plan to move later this year or early next and want to lower my expenses. Also, premium gas prices are just obscene. But I didn't want to lose too much and feel like I took a major downgrade. I don't feel that way at all with the Fusion. In many ways, I prefer the Fusion to the TL. Both are nice cars; the Fusion is just more practical. Overall, I am still very happy with my purchase.
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Re: Acura TL vs. Ford Fusion SEL

Good points and breakdown...

I wouldn't expect the Fusion to win in many categories since you're comparing a standard mid-size, with an entry-level luxury car. It's great to hear that you're enjoying it so far!

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Re: Acura TL vs. Ford Fusion SEL

Wow, your post held my attention enough to read the entire thing lol.

I wouldn't expect some of the things you described about the Acura, such as rattling.

The more that I think about it, the happier I am that I bought the Fusion instead of the Mustang, just because it's so PRACTICAL!
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Re: Acura TL vs. Ford Fusion SEL

[quote author=11011101 link=topic=107048.msg2190527#msg2190527 date=1206747225]
Wow, your post held my attention enough to read the entire thing lol.

I wouldn't expect some of the things you described about the Acura, such as rattling.

The more that I think about it, the happier I am that I bought the Fusion instead of the Mustang, just because it's so PRACTICAL!
Spend 5 minutes perusing the Acurazine website. The rattles, drive train vibration and leather quality are the main complaints. I had all three. Still a great car, but putting 50 miles a day on a car that takes premium fuel gets old fast. I'm really glad the Fusion came along when it did.
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Re: Acura TL vs. Ford Fusion SEL

Nice write up. A friend at work has a Tl its a nice car but the styling is to bland imo and though it has some nice luxury touches its in a different category/price bracket to. The fusion is more fun!

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Re: Acura TL vs. Ford Fusion SEL

It would be pretty hard to give up a $34k plus sports sedan for even a loaded Fusion. I don't think the Fusion is considered a sports sedan. It looks like the list of differences is just a refection of the sacrifices made to get into a Fusion. Good luck and great choice.

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Re: Acura TL vs. Ford Fusion SEL

That was a great write-up! I would have never thought a Fusion would even be considered by a TL owner, and an A-spec no less. I checked out a TL before I got my Fusion never even tried to compare the two. It seems like your step down was a pleasant one. Glad to hear.

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Re: Acura TL vs. Ford Fusion SEL

Thanks for the kind words.

Now that I have 3500 miles on the car, I can honestly say that the ONLY things I miss about the TL are the DVD-Audio and the cabin filter. Other than these two things, my driving experience in the Fusion is superior in every way. The biggest gain is the elimination of the drivetrain vibration and attendant rattles. The tranny in the Fusion is smooth as butter! Still very happy.
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Re: Acura TL vs. Ford Fusion SEL

I think it basically comes down to Value=Dollar for most of us. (especially if you have a family of sorts)

Most people will admit the bulk of the Acura line denotes a very solid quality-driven vehicle, but you pay a very high buy-in for that car line (as you noted). Now, if you make 100k a year, and you're single, great, that person would probably get a top line Acura, BMW, or Audi. But I think most of us on the boards are working schelps that see a price diff of 5 or 8k, and getting a car prettttty close to the "overall" of those higher marques, as being a decent financial decision, and it really handles darn good to boot!

I noted in your Fusion list that you put Pricing as the first entry. Subconscious? maybe, but I think you made a good comparative list there. Well done.

Here's your "killer" line: "Both are nice cars; the Fusion is just more practical. Overall, I am still very happy with my purchase."

...and I agree. The difference gets to go to the bank.

Disclaimer: I covet my aunts black 2003 Acura TLS with only 19k miles, but she ain't selling it yet, and my wife hates that car anyway. My wife absolutely loves our Fusion, an I'm glad we bought it too.

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Re: Acura TL vs. Ford Fusion SEL

Seriously how can you people tell if you have a cabin filter or not?

It's not like you can see what is coming in through your vents anyways.

I mean no hard feelings for what I post on this website. Anything I type/write/post/say on this forum is only that of general debate and discussion. I am not biased toward anyone or anything. I am neutral in everything I do on this website. Only those facts that are presented to me sway my thought process and siding of each discussion topic that I post about.
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